Pace Training

The next step to a stronger you.

Do you need a way to ensure your lifestyle changes actually last?

At PACE Training, we are dedicated to helping our clients live a realistic and sustainable lifestyle to improve their health, through weight training, healthy habits and a supportive community.

So lets take a wild guess…

You finally get the momentum going, then a bad day or week throws you off for good

All you friends want to eat out all the time and you find it impossible to make the right choices at a restaurant

You spend hours on the treadmill but don’t seem to be making any progress

You get more and more angry with yourself every day because you just can’t stick to it

Hi, I’m Tiffany Plower owner and coach at PACE Training Centre.  I know what you are going through because I have been there myself.  Owning a business, have 3 children and a husband that works out of the city- I was losing myself and living off coffee (seriously had an IV of caffeine). How am I suppose to tell my clients what to do if I couldn’t do it myself, I was getting into a downward spiral of comforting carbs and curling up each night to watch reruns of Anthony Bourdain Parts Unkown.

Balancing family, career and myself, I finally was able to become the coach I wanted to be.  I could understand where my clients are coming from. I honestly and truly know what busy means and searching for an extra hour in the day to get things done.

I started to go to bed right after my kids, even if I didn’t fold that last load of laundry. I created a morning ritual, that gets me ready to own the day and give the energy and leadership I need for all of you!!

I know what it is like, I get it…

I am here to inspire you every day.  Think of me as your ultimate accountability buddy, motivating you to prepare healthy food, come to the gym, and build high quality habits into your life.

I know from years of working with hundreds of women that your goals are achievable. I’ll help you build that life of sustainable health.

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